17 October

Top 3 Bushnell rangefinders for beginners

If you have just started to play golf and you are beginning to understand how it is played, you will need to make some investments in terms of equipment. A gold rangefinder will come in very handy and will allow you to make more precise shots. However, since you are at the beginning of the road, you probably don’t want to invest a large amount of money in this device. Bushnell is one of the most respected golf rangefinder manufacturers on the market and you can check out websites such as http://www.bushnellgolfrangefinder.com/ for complete reviews. To this extent, here are three suggestions that you should consider when choosing your rangefinder:

Bushnell Bone Collector

This device is very easy to use and it will allow beginners to improve their game considerably. Since this device only has one button, it is extremely easy to use and will pose no problems. It is lightweight and quite small even for a rangefinder, so users will be able to carry it with them without any problems. Many people complain about not being able to carry their devices with them comfortably, but this will certainly not be a problem. In addition, those who like to spend time hunting in addition to golfing will appreciate the camouflage pattern which makes it perfect to use in any season and the fact that you can find it at a reasonable price makes it a perfect choice for beginners.

Bushnell Sport 850

This rangefinder is very compact and can fit in a shirt pocket easily. It is able to provide exact readings for targets from 5 to 850 yards, it has 4x magnification and provides accurate readings even in low light. It has an affordable price, especially if you wait for the various discounts offered by major retailers, so it will not make a large hole in your monthly budget. This device is easy to use and to carry around, making it perfect for beginner golfers. Bushnell is known for its high quality products and has maintained its leader position in the rangefinder field for over 50 years. This is why those who are at the beginning of the road are advised to choose this brand, as they have the certainty of buying a quality product.

Bushnell Team Primos The Truth ARC

The ARC technology delivers pinpoint precision out to 850 yards. This device also has only 1 button and a small size that makes it easy to carry around. It also comes with a neck strap in case you don’t want to wear it in your shirt pocket and it is rainproof, making it suitable for using in any type of weather. This is one of the best devices from Bushnell’s affordable selection of rangefinders, but it does not mean that you will be compromising on the quality you are looking for, because this device certainly delivers everything it has promised.

As you can see, there are many rangefinders to choose from, each one with their pros and cons. If you are a beginner player, we also advise you to get a golf swing analyzer. On golfswinganalyzer.reviews you can find many golf analyzers. Just like the rangefinder, this device can help you improve your game, the only difference being the fact that the swing analyzer monitors the mechanics of your swing in order to help you improve it, unlike the rangefinder which helps you measure distances so that you can choose the right club for each shot.