22 March

Transform your old T-shirts into fashionable items

Definitely, you had bought a lot of T-shirts last year, and you had not wear them more than a few times. Therefore, you should not waste money and invest in new ones, you should transform their look, and everyone will think that they are recently purchased. You might have noticed that this year every trendsetter has in her wardrobe at least three printed T-shirts, so you should do the same and try to find online a company, which provides custom screen printing Vancouver services. You only have to look online and choose the printing models you like, and a few quotes that represent you. After that, you only have to match the design with the T-shirts and in a couple of hours or days, you will have a new wardrobe. Here are some tips on how you should print your old clothes.

Screen print your T-shirts

The simplest way of customising the T-shirts you have is to screen-print them. For example, if you like a character, you should look online to find a model, which features it, and ask the company to print one of your T-shirts with it. For example on a grey T-shirt, you can print a yellow bat, if you like Batman. In addition, you have the possibility to print on it a quote, which represents you, with white letters. With screen print, you have multiple options, you only have to talk with the specialist from a company, which offers these services, and see what options you have.

Choose embroideries

There are some companies, which offer not only screen printing services, but also embroidery ones. Therefore, if you want to go with a more feminine look you can customise your T-shirts with embroideries. Some of these companies offer embroidery services for a large number of items, but if you want to customise all your clothes from last year, and you have a friend or two who might want to do it too, you should contact them and see if they are willing to help you. The amazing thing about embroideries is that they can be used to customise almost every clothing article, and not only T-shirts, so you can personalise your hats, dresses, or even skirts. You can come with a pattern, or you can choose one of their models. You might have noticed that this year’s trend is to customise white blouses and T-shirts with coloured embroidery, so you should definitely transform at least some of your clothes if not all of them.