14 August

Travelling during winter: packing hacks to avoid stuffing your suitcase

Traveling during summer is so much easier when it comes to packing your stuff since you are usually wearing shorts, sneakers, and t-shirts, a backpack is enough for a few days that you are going to be away from home. But, the cold weather during winter requires boots and bulky clothes and jackets that take a lot of space from your luggage and make it so heavy that is impossible to carry. However, you still need to get a lot of clothes to make sure that you do not freeze to death when you go outside.

Wear the bulkiest items

Especially if you are going by plane you know that your suitcase should have a specific size and weight. That is why you need to wear the clothes and boots that are taking up most of the space if you try to put them inside the luggage and you can take them down inside the plane. Moreover, you can use your fluffy jacket as a pillow to sleep until your arrival.

Thermal underwear and socks

If you do not want to stuff your suitcase with many sweaters and pairs of pants, better take thermal underwear with you and that would do the job. First of all, it is not comfortable to have many layers of clothes on you while you are playing in the snow because you can barely move. Also, there is no need to wear 3 pairs of socks when you go out skiing so that your feet do not freeze, you can just take thermal socks and they will keep your feet hot enough for the whole day.

Roll your clothes

The best space-saving hack is to roll your clothes when you are packing them. Folding them would just create too many layers and make your suitcase impossible to be closed. So, after you roll your clothes rubber them together as tightly as you can.  

Choose versatile shoes

Winter shoes take a lot of space in your luggage because they are designed to keep your feet warm so they are big and heavy. It is really hard to pleat them together in order to save space, that is why you need to choose versatile ones that are also comfortable. Moreover, it surely depends how much time you are going to travel but try to avoid taking too many pairs of them.

Mix and match your clothes

No need to take several different outfits with you, just take clothes that have similar colors and can be matched together so that you can create new outfits for every day that you are going to spend in your trip. Get scarfs, gloves, and hats to accessorize your looks because they do not take that much space and they keep you warm while you are looking incredibly stylish.

Use vacuum bags

Another efficient hack for space-saving in surely to use vacuum bags that squeeze your items and suck the extra air out making them as flat as they can be so this way they take less space