9 October

Types of Coffee Makers

If there is one thing that can make a Monday morning more pleasant, that thing is without a doubt a delicious cup of coffee. Nevertheless, when it comes to coffee, we all have different tastes. Some like it black, others like it sweet, and while some prefer the same taste each time, others like to experiment with different flavors. As such, it is no wonder that there is a wide variety of coffee makers on the market. The question is: which is the right coffee maker for you?


This is the cheapest type of coffee maker. Most people choose this option, not only because it is cheap, but because it is uncomplicated and it delivers a robust taste. Percolators are very easy to use, especially the electric ones which never boil the coffee and can also keep the brew warm. However, percolators can only deliver one or two cups of coffee at a time. Moreover, in terms of taste, they offer no variety.

French press

The real coffee connoisseurs claim that only the french press delivers a real coffee flavor. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of this brewing method, the opinions are mixed. Some consider that french presses are easy to use, others claim that they are troublesome and difficult to clean. Moreover, this brewing method offers no flavor versatility and the french press can’t keep the coffee warm.

Single cup brewers

As the name suggests, these coffee makers can only brew one cup of coffee at a time, a fact which can be a disadvantage for many people. However, they are easy to use, easy to clean and consistent in flavor. Moreover, they offer a wide variety of flavor choices.

Drip coffee makers

This is probably the most popular brewing method. Drip coffee makers are very easy to use and they are very affordable. Some even come with interesting features such as the option to program the brewer or the pause-and-serve option. The great thing about these coffee makers is that they have variable capacities. They are a very popular choice for offices. Nevertheless, in terms of flavor, they are not the best option. Not only do they lack flavor versatility, but they also deliver a less robust flavor as well as a filter after taste.

Espresso machines

By far the most expensive option, espresso machines can come with numerous advantages. They offer a wide variety of flavor choices, a very intense coffee taste, and numerous convenience features. Nevertheless, aside from being very expensive, they can also be difficult to use and clean.

Picking a type of coffee maker is essential as it allows you to establish your needs and pick a product that will satisfy them. Going on a shopping spree without a clear purpose in mind is an endeavor likely to end with a lot of useless expenses. In order to buy the right coffee maker, we also advise you to check out some coffeemaker ratings. Reviews and ratings will help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each machine so that you can choose the most convenient one.