29 April

Types of floating speakers and their usage

When hearing the term of floating speakers, people do not know exactly if they should expect from a device which is able to float above water, or which levitates above ground. Well, if you will take a look on the market, you will notice that under the same name you find both models, but there are some differences between them. Some manufacturers produce a certain type of devices, others choose to create both of them, because they want to reach as many clients as possible. The best way to find detailed information about the product that interests you is to access a website like floating-speakers.com. Every buyer purchases floating speakers according to some specific needs, and you have to be sure that you do not order one that it would not meet your requirements.

Levitating speakers

Let’s give this name to the speakers which feature a base, and levitate above it. They are devices designed to have two different components, one stable, which is called the base, and one that is mobile, usually called the orb. The base is usually the part that it is connected to a source of power, and it is placed on a flat surface for making the floating process possible. The orb, or the mobile part is functional both when it is placed above the base, but also when it is taken away. This type of floating speaker is based on a Bluetooth technology, so you can connect it with different gadgets you have. All of the speakers have a futuristic design, because they seem to defy gravity, but there are some models, which have features that differentiate them from the others. For example, some of them feature lights when they are turned on, and some are inspired from famous movies like Star Wars.

Floating speakers

This term could be used for the speakers, which could be used in outdoor swimming pools. They are designed especially for the purpose of being placed in a wet environment, and have plenty of features for making your swimming experience one of a kind. They have a completely waterproof seal, which keeps the light and batteries completely dry. The floating device incorporated in them keeps a part of the gadget always above water. The sound produced by these gadgets is a quality one, even is you might think that you will not be able to listen to a clear song, because it might be disturbed by the sound of the water. You can pair your table or phone to the device without effort, because they function with the help of Bluetooth technology, as the levitating ones do. The device is turned on with the help of the buttons located on its surface, which are clearly labeled. Some of the models have speakers around the whole surface of the device, which allows them to spread an Omni-directional sound. Also, depending on the manufacturer, you might buy a gadget that spins in the water for providing a more accurate sound. As you notice floating speakers could be used both in wet and dry spaces, so analyze your needs and purchase the one you like.