1 November

Understanding the Features of an Electric Shaver

The days when all you needed was a razor and a handful of foam are long gone and nowadays the shavers have evolved into efficient machines that can cut even the thickest beards with ease and can offers comfort and precision even to men with sensitive skin. To manage to choose the right type of electric shaver, you must first understand their features and discover which is the best model for you.

Rotary shavers and foil shavers

There are two types of electric shavers, namely foil shavers and rotary shavers, and each has its particularities that make it suitable for a certain type of shaving. The rotary shavers usually feature three round cutting heads and each head has an outer guard with a number of slots and holes and it is spinned by a rotary cutter to cut the hair. If you opt for a rotary shaver, you have to use it in circular motions around your face and you can even stretch your skin with your free hand to rise the flat hairs and to ease the shaving. On the other hand, foil electric shavers consist of a fine metal foil with many holes wrapped over an oscillating cutter block and the foil stays still while the block moves from side to side to cut the hair as it penetrates the holes in the foil. Both types of electric shavers have a set of particularities and features that make them practical, efficient and comfortable in use, being the main criteria in choosing an electric shaver.


This aspect is very important and when you choose your electric shaver, you have to make sure you choose one that eases your daily routine and does not make it more difficult. A comfortable shaver is one that is easy to hold and pass over your face, with a compact shape that allows you to take it everywhere with you.


This is the top criteria in choosing an electric shaver because if your shaver does not cut close enough to the skin, you will not be satisfied. You must pay attention to the type of beard you have and the shape of your face and make sure your shaver will cut in narrow and difficult areas like the jaw or the upper lip.


The speed is an important factor when it comes to reducing the amount of time spent during shaving and you must pay attention to the cycles the shaver makes per minute if you want to turn a 10-minutes shaving with a razor into a 3-minutes shaving with an electric shaver.

Battery power

This is an aspect that has to do with the durability of the shaver and with your comfort, given that you do not want a machine that will always need to be plugged and that it will never be ready to use. A good battery should last up to 1 hour of shaving after charging it.


The amount of time your shaver will last is not necessarily set by its price, but usually reliable manufacturers offer more durable and efficient shavers and this will justify a higher price.

Understanding these features is essential if you want to be certain that you are buying a good shaver. this way, you will also decide which features you want your future shaver to have; in other words, which features are worth paying more money. Once you know what you are looking for, it is time to start reading some reviews. For this process, go to the electricshavers.reviews website. Read several reviews, compare different product and finally, choose the best shaver for your needs.