15 March

Vintage car storage: protect your investment during the cold season


People conveniently use their vehicle when going to work, when doing grocery shopping, when visiting distant relatives or when going on vacation. Indeed, transportation becomes extremely comfortable and convenient when owning a motor vehicle. However, when it comes to vintage cars, you cannot park such a treasure in front of a supermarket for various reasons. First, you investment too much money in it so you cannot afford covering even the least visible scratch caused by an inattentive driver.  Secondly, you and that precious asset have a deeper connection. As a collector, you cherish it more than you own life and you will never use it in an irresponsible way. In fact, you ensure high maintenance regularly and you never leave it parked outside your house so that a reckless teenager can vandalize it, but you have to be aware of other dangers that might threaten the integrity of your car, such as the cold season.

Choose a suitable location for vintage car storage

The reality is that you cannot even keep your vintage car in the garage when winter strikes. This means that you must consider other storage possibilities. Start exploring facilities located in your area and inquiring about their features. This will give you the certainty that your classic vehicle benefits from maximum security during the storage period. In fact, you can discuss with the manager of the facility and let him know how much you care about your car. Once you gain the peace of mind that no thief will be able to steal or wreak your asset, you have to give your full attention to preparing it for storage, especially if you plan to keep it in the respective facility for several months. If not used, the vehicle might start deteriorating without external influence. In this case, you have to make an important decision, which is tackling the preparation process by yourself or opting for professional help. More specifically, the process consists in cleaning both the interior and the exterior, changing the oil and filling up the tank, removing and washing the battery, among others.

Prepare your classic vehicle for a long storage period

When it comes to cleaning the vehicle, you have to pay close attention to every detail. Buffing off chromed surface is not necessary, but lubricating the rubber parts is. Take the vacuum cleaner and make sure that no food crumbs remain on the backseat. Even though you generally take good care of your vintage car, if you have children and you took them for a ride, not finding food crumbs inside is almost impossible. In what concerns the fluid, drain them immediately after using the car because they are still warm, but have a pair of gloves at your disposal because you do not want to burn yourself when handling the hot oil. You should also consider draining the fuel tank if you intend to leave the car in storage for more than six months. Obviously, you cannot overlook the heart of your vehicle, namely the battery. You have to wash it and store it separately.