28 October

Water Ionizer Machine Buyer’s Guide

Water ionizer machines are gaining more popularity in the modern times we live in because they provide the users with healthy alkaline water that brings them nothing but benefits. If you are one of the many people who want to take better care of themselves, you definitely considered buying such a machine at one point. Instead of going shopping for a water ionizer machine unprepared, and buying one simply because it’s named a water ionizer and it comes at a price that you agree with, it’s better to read this water ionizer machine buyer’s guide to know exactly what to look for and to take the best decision possible.


The most important thing you have to take in consideration when you buy a water ionizer machine is the size of the plates, their number, and the material they are made from. To make sure the machine you choose is of a good quality, check for the size of the plates to be of at least 7 inches by 4 inches, the ideal number of plates should be 9 or 11, and the material from which they are made should be strengthened titanium that has been dipped multiple times in platinum.


When it comes to the power of the unit, the higher the power is, the better. Therefore, don’t ignore this aspect when you look for the water ionizer machine that you want to use. The best pH levels and -ORP levels are definitely produced by water ionizer machines that produce at least 550 watts, the ideal ones being the units that produce 750 watts.


When it comes to the filtration system, the best choice is to go with a water ionizer machine that uses dual filtration. Dual filtration offers a more effective contaminant removal, and even if their replacement will cost you a pretty sum of money, you shouldn’t cheap out, because units that have dual filtration systems are definitely better than the single filtration units.


Most people will have a shock when they see the price at which these machines come, but if you are truly concerned about your health you won’t let the price be a problem. If you check out some comparison reviews from Waterionizer.reviews, you will see that the cheapest water ionizers come at the price of a little over $1000, while the most pricey units can even take $5000 out of your wallet. The most important thing that you must do when you shop for a water ionizer machine is to come prepared with a large sum of money, and to compare the models based on their capabilities instead of the price tag attached to them. This way, you will certainly make the right decision, because you won’t cheap out on the quality of the unit.