30 May

Ways of using polka dot ribbons to accessorize your clothes

Women like to wear sophisticated clothes, but sometimes this implies spending a lot of money on purchasing new clothing articles every season. If you want to be a modern pin-up-girl, all you need are some basic clothes, which are easy to customise with different accessories. As you already know, the key of this style is to wear a lot of polka dots, but sometimes this type of clothes are quite expensive, and in case they are not part of a present trend, you would even find hard to find this type of articles. Therefore, you should take into consideration, customizing by yourself some of your old clothes, by simply using polka dot ribbons. Here are some ideas that will help you totally transform your wardrobe, and make you a truly pin-up-girl.

Accessorise a tutu skirt

Nothing is more amazing and stylish than wearing a tutu skirt in the spring, so you only have to purchase one, if you do not have it in your wardrobe. The main colours of this style are red and white, but in case you are not a fan of these two, then you can simply buy the one that you like. Also, you have the possibility to create your own skirt, because there is not complicated at all to make a tutu skirt and there are plenty on online tutorials to help you. Even if you choose to buy it or make it by yourself, you have to use ribbon stripes to customise it. You can simply use it as a belt, but also you have the possibility to place under the first sheer of tulle some pieces of ribbon, and cut it shorter than the length of the skirt, for obtaining a beautiful effect.

Customise the T-shirts

What other more stylish way of wearing the tutu skirt, tan with a T-shirt and sneakers. And because the ones that are featuring a polka dot pattern are quite expensive, you can buy simple ones, and use pols dot ribbons to personalise them. In case they have an off-the-shoulders neckline, then you can wrap ribbon around it, and create a beautiful look. In addition, you have the possibility to customise the T-shirts, with a big polka dots ribbon bow on the back, if you are wearing an open-back piece. Nothing is easier that making a bow from ribbon, so use your imagination, and personalise your skirts and T-shirts.