10 August

Ways to get your house warm

When cold season is approaching fast and you really need a way to warm up your house cheaply and efficiently there are methods you’ll want to know about. When a house is not equipped with a heating system is quite stressful to decide what method to choose. It can be quite an adventure to check each and every solution you find in stores and over the Internet, but being informed means you’ll be able to compare what’s on the market. Depending on your very specific needs, you will be choosing a heating method that will suit both your needs and your house design. Here are some main choices people are making regarding warming up their homes:

Heating systems

Heating systems can be found in a very large variety, reason for which you’ll need to understand how each of them works. To gain more information about this matter of fact, check this out. This is a list with the most common heating systems:

  • Furnaces

Furnaces are used for temperature heating both in large industry and small homes. These can be installed in every home and they can work both with air, steam or even hot water. Furnaces are highly efficient and their utilisation is not strictly bonded to having a chimney. They work without them and they are ventilated through pipes either on the side of your house, either through the roof.

  • Heat pumps

For the needs you are facing during hot and cold seasons, a heat pump can represent the most viable solution. Heat pumps are a great alternative if you are not a fan of furnaces or air conditioner. These are using pure electricity to move heat. During summer, you will be experiencing chill temperatures, while during winter you’ll have the warm house you desire. The air-based heat pump can reduce energy consumption in your house by 60%.

  • Fireplaces

Luxurious ways to keep your house warm, fireplaces are a more expensive option. They can be built from brick, stone or even metal and they can hold a fire inside your house. Fireplaces are well-known for their quality of creating a great ambiance and efficiency. The only downside of such heath system is that the heat might not be even in the entire space that needs to be heated.

Windows and doors sealing

Another thing you need to take into account is sealing your windows and doors. That’s where the air gets in and out, resulting in unwanted effects. During winter, cold air will get in and heat will escape through windows and doors if they are not well-insulated. This is an amazingly big loss, even if it doesn’t look so. You can buy sealing strip from any insulation store and place it around the edges. If your windows and doors are not qualitative and you know there’s the problem with your house temperature, then consider changing them as soon as possible, even though this represents quite a big investment. You’ll feel it after, when paying your lower bills.