25 October

Wedding decoration ideas – Ribbons

If your wedding is approaching and you lack ideas for proper, delicate decorations, you must know there are various items you can use for this purpose. Ribbons are an example and they can be used from the location’s décor, to wedding favors and table central pieces. Online is the best place where you can find wedding ribbon for sale at affordable prices, of course. A good retailer is one that can provide for their clients a wide variety of products. Different shapes, patterns and colors are always welcomed in terms of ribbons and décor. However, below are some ways you can benefit from such affordable products to create an astonishing wedding décor.

Table central pieces with ribbons

Whether we are talking about a gorgeous flower arrangement or a mix of wild flowers and candles, you can always finish the look with a piece of beige ribbon. It will create a more delicate appearance to your arrangements and you can accomplish a beautiful design with minimum efforts. Try to find at a dollar store a gorgeous transparent vase, place with care some wild flowers and wrap a piece of ribbon around the vase. Tie a beautiful knot and use it as a central piece. Alternatively, find some beige candles in different sizes; arrange them randomly on a candle tray. Before that, wrap some pieces of ribbons at their base. There you have it: two beautiful, inexpensive and simple ideas of central pieces for your wedding tables.

Upgrade your wedding place cards with ribbons

The devil lays in details and if you manage to upgrade those regular wedding place cards with some inexpensive products, the chances of having a gorgeous special day are higher. Buy regular cards online and with a paper perforator poke holes in one of their top corners. Next, all you need to do is to insert thin pieces of ribbon through those holes and tie beautiful knots. All your guests will appreciate your efforts.

Upgrade your wedding hairstyle with ribbons

If you want to create a unique wedding hairstyle, our advice would be to go for a simple one and add a ribbon. Depending on the general style of your wedding and theme, ask a professional hairdresser to put your hair into a simple hairstyle. We surely appreciate a loose curly hairstyle finished with a beautiful ribbon hairband. If your dress permits, a high pony tail with a ribbon wrapped around its base will surely complement the look and if you have a boho themed wedding, you can surely have a braided hairstyle with a gorgeous ribbon inserted. The alternatives are endless; only make sure you choose one that will complement the theme of the wedding as well as your general look.

Whenever in need of wedding ribbon ideas, have a look at the possibilities and ideas available on the web. Moreover, find a ribbon supplier whose products come in a wide variety, just to be sure you have from where to pick and choose.