20 May

What is the Right Type of Mattress for You?

A good quality sleep is essential for quality of life, but few people are willing to pay more for quality mattresses. Sleep specialists advise to not buy the first mattress that you see. When choosing your mattress you must think about your specific needs, if you sleep alone or with a partner, height and weight difference between you and a partner, if you suffer from allergies etc. If you are planning to buy a good quality mattress, here’s a guide that may help you make the best choice.

Health problems caused by sleeping on a wrong mattress

The most important feature that a mattress must have is to support the spine. If the backbone is in a flawed position, it can lead to neck, kidney and other organ problems. You must take into account if the mattress is too hard or too soft, if it supports only specific body points or if will not provide the necessary support.
Another important aspect of choosing a mattress is to search for a mattress that has antiallergenic properties (great for kids especially) because mites that live in mattresses consider it to be an ideal place to live and multiply. Mites are the primary pathogen in respiratory disease and in allergies. A mattress used for a period of two years, for example, is home to about two million dust mites, both dead and alive, which rise in the air we breathe when we move in bed.
If there is a special condition (spinal disorders or allergies to dust and mites), the best solution is a memory foam mattress. They soothe sore muscles, it gives a sensation of floating those who use and invigorates the body. For those who have occasional back pain, it recommends a mattress from a firmer material. It is important to have a removable mattress, you carry wash when needed. You can also separately purchase a protective case which stops dust and sweat to enter the mattress.

How to choose the right bed mattress for your needs

There is no ideal mattress as a concept in itself, but there are ideal mattress for each person. When choosing a mattress you should take into account several aspects, to make the right choice: sleep position, body shape, weight, room temperature, etc. It is important to pay special attention to market research when choosing special mattresses for people with chronic spine diseases or when buying mattresses for children. According to the reviews that we read on bestmattress.guru, there are 4 main types of mattresses, each one with their pros and cons. We advise you to also read the reviews published on the previously mentioned website in order to research the best mattresses. Nevertheless, you must first decide on one of the 4 types of mattresses presented bellow:
• Classic spring mattresses are well known and are available in a variety of models. The springs can be made of different materials, most often steel. Over time, the traditional spring mattress model evolved into independent springs, an ergonomic model, which maintains the correct position of the spine and lasts longer.
• Medical mattresses are especially recommended for those with spine problems, and provide additional support during sleep. These type of mattresses are made of high density foam.
• Latex mattresses are the best option for allergy sufferers. These type of mattresses offer high comfort because they can adapt to your body shape. Latex is a hypoallergenic material that prevents microbial growth in the mattress.
• Mattresses made of polyurethane foam containing this variable density causes stiffness and do not grant back support. This type of mattress can also heat up very fast.

If you can’t decide on which type of mattress is the right choice for you, we recommend the signature sleep contour 8 inch twin mattress, which combines the advantages of different types of mattresses. This mattress features individually wrapped coils, for an excellent back support and increased durability. Moreover, the signature sleep contour 8 inch twin mattress also features two layers of memory foam, a top layer and a bottom later, which further improve the spinal support offered by this mattress.