22 October

What should you do for a memorable winter vacation?

Christmas is definitely a special occasion, which is why you have to make all you can in order to get out of your daily routine and transform it into a unique moment. It is the time of giving and receiving, so remember to take time and choose the most thoughtful presents. Furthermore, it is the moment when your house should become a cozy and welcoming space: take out all your decorations, buy new ones and combine them for an amazing result. There are plenty of Christmas customs you can implement even if you do not live in a snowy country, so even if most traditional season pictures are snowy and frosty, you can ignore the weather and make the best out of this celebration. After all, if the lack of snow bothers you so much, you can always pack your luggage and take off to a winter dream land! Meanwhile, here are some things you could do, in order to have a memorable Christmas this year:

Buy a real Christmas tree

The debate whether it is better to choose a living tree or an artificial one has been around for many years. The opinions are spread, and while some people consider that an artificial tree is better (since it can be re-used and does no mess at all), others are keen on the smell of a fresh living Christmas tree in their houses. As a matter of fact, if you think about the advantages of a genuine plant, its smell and vivid appearance should convince you to get one. So instead of using the old tree that you keep stored in the garage, this year you should invest in a living one. If you want to make a sustainable investment, then you should purchase one that comes in a pot, because you will be able to plant it in your own garden, as soon as the holiday goes away. In the meanwhile, you will be able to enjoy a genuine Christmas atmosphere.


Make time to spend time with your family during Christmas

Everybody knows that the best thing about celebrating this occasion is getting to spend precious moments with your family. For this reason, as much as you do not like certain relatives, you should make time and attend the family dinner or ask them to come over at least for a couple of hours. During Christmas, everyone is in town, and the cozy atmosphere will make it worth the effort of tolerating a nagging aunt for several hours.


Plan a trip in the mountains

Whether you live or not in an area where it normally snows for Christmas, spending some days in the mountains during this time of the year has a special charm. If you can afford, you should rent one of the luxury ski chalets available in the closes resort, pack your bags, gather a group of friends and just leave. If the Christmas night is to be spent with the family, you should take advantage of the rest of your spare days and spend everything you have been saving during the year on a memorable journey in an exclusivist resort. These have all the facilities you may think about: ski slopes, Jacuzzis, entertaining centers and so on.