8 January

What to buy for your new home


You just moved into your new home and have no idea where to start with shopping? Well, good news! This article is here to guide you through each and everything that you have to buy when your new home is completely empty. Besides furniture, that you probably already purchased and carefully placed around the house and deco items, there are plenty of items your house craves for and you will definitely need the next several days. Of course, you can always find a check list for new homes online and see if you can find there some items that may be useful for your home. Until then, start by following these tips:

One long grocery list

The very first days of your moving-in journey, you will have to stack up your kitchen, since this is the most important room that you will surely be using once you get in the house. You will need to make a list with:

  • Cleaning supplies

Buying cleaning supplies the moment you move in will help you tremendously. Why? It is simple: cleaning supplies last long after you’ve bought them, so the initial investment will be worth it three months from now on. Start by buying the absolutely necessary stuff, like paper towels or garbage bags. Even though you might consider that buying this stuff all at once is not necessary, the truth is you will find it very careful once you will notice how often you’ll have to use them. Now is the moment to buy laundry soap and fabric softeners for your washing machine. The same goes for dishwashing soap and all-purpose cleaners. One thing that people often forget about would be buying plastic wrap, wax paper, aluminum foil and lots of light bulbs.

Pantry staples

You will have to start from scratch with pantry staples. Start by buying canned tomatoes or pasta sauce in larger quantities. Then you can start looking for pasta, rice, oats and another type of ingredients that you know you’ll have to use at some point. Buy tea and canned beans as well, to keep in your pantry. Snacks are a good idea since you will probably want to munch something in-between your new-home cleaning, decorating sessions.

  • Condiments / Sauces

If you want to cook a meal immediately after you’ve moved in, you will surely need condiments and sauces. Gather salt, pepper, parsley, basil, oregano or whatever condiment may come up to your mind and buy them right away. Do not forget about garlic, dill, and ginger – these are a must when cooking.


For baking, you will need all the must-haves: flour, sugar, baking soda, all kind of aromas like vanilla extract, shortening, yeast, cocoa and so on. When it comes to baking, don’t forget about butter, vegetable oil and milk. Think about all the stuff you want to do in the next week or so and check your grocery list twice before going shopping.