28 April

What to consider when buying dog food?

In many ways, having a pet is similar to having a child. There are plenty of responsibilities involved and you need to consider them before deciding to have a pet. Of  the tasks you will have to handle is choosing the right food for your pet. At first, you won’t think much of this task. Most pet owners who experience the joy of having a dog for the first time think there is not much to it. When looking to buy dog food in Melbourne, for instance, most of them choose to head out to the closest pet shop there is. They pick out one, go home and feed their dog. Unfortunately, things are not that simple. When owning a pet, you need to make sure that you are feeding it the right kind of food. Doing a bit of research involves much more than simply looking at price. Here are a few facts that might make this research simpler and help you to pick the right kind of food for your dog faster.

Always consider the age and size of your dog


The first step in choosing the right food is to consider the age of your pet. There is food for adult dogs and puppies. A dog is considered an adult when it reaches the age of one year, so up until that age, you need to feed your dog puppy food. After that you can pass on to adult food. Size matters just as much. This determines the size of the dry food. Smaller dogs, up to 10 kilos are considered small. Medium dogs are between 20 and 25 kilos and large breeds are those weighting over 25, 30 kilos. A small dog will find it very difficult to eat food for a large one, because it will have troubles chewing it properly.


The ingredients of the food


When choosing food supplies for your family, you are always considering the list of ingredients. You want to make sure that this is all natural. The same rule should be applied for your dog as well. Premium and super premium dog food will be made up of healthy, natural and nourishing ingredients. Your pet needs solid meals that have minerals and proteins, especially if it is only a puppy. If it is badly nourished, your dog might grow up with certain health problems. For instance, it might have bone structure problems because the food might be lacking in calcium. So, when choosing pet food, make sure you read a bit about the ingredients it is made of. This way, you will know exactly what you are feeding the dog.


Consider your dog’s existing heath problems


Each dog breed has  different health problems. For example, some dogs might be faced with serious weight issues  in their lifetime. Others might have certain skin issues. It is important to consider the health problem of your dog. There are types of food that have been developed especially to suit dogs with weight problems. There are also dog food are formulated for dogs that have certain allergies to specific fibres usually found in dog food. So, a great tip in this regard would be to have chat with the vet before buying anything and ask for his or her opinion. An advised opinion is always welcomed and highly helpful.