8 December

What to consider when buying lobster tails online


Why would anyone want to eat lobster tails? The tail of the lobster is deliciously tender and sweet.  They can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. In case you didn’t know, lobster tails are one of the world’s culinary delights. So, if you want to enjoy a gourmet feast, you should cook lobster tails at home. You can find them at the local market. However, if you don’t have the time to go to the market, you can always buy online through a seafood store. When buying lobster tails online, you will want to consider the following aspects.

Lobster tails

Did you think that there is only one type of lobster tails? If the answer is yes, you’ll be sorry to hear that there are 2 varieties available. To be more precise, you have warm-water lobster tails and cold-water lobster tails. Warm water lobsters can be found in the waters of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and on the coast of Asia. Let’s not forget about Florida. What you need to know is that the tails of these animals aren’t reliable in terms of quality. The meat becomes mushy, not to mention that it isn’t firm. Cold-water lobsterlive in places like Maine, Australia, and New Zealand. As you can imagine, their meat is expensive. If you want to buy lobster tails from the cold waters of America, then visit crabdynasty.com


You can buy lobster tails with or without claws. When you think about lobsters, you automatically imagine large claws. But the thing is that sometimes the sea creatures are missing a claw or two. It’s interesting to note that there are many species of lobsters without claws. If you ever happen to see one, then you should know that it’s a warm-water creature.  These lobsters don’t grow more than their tails, which is the reason why there is less meat on the rear end. There are more ounces of meat in a clawless tail, so you know what to buy when going shopping.


One very important consideration is the color of the lobster tails. Even if the tails are frozen, you’ll still be able to see the color. What you should be looking for are discolorations. Should there be discolorations of that part of the lobster’s body, then you shouldn’t buy. When they take pictures to upload on their websites, sellers don’t pay attention to detail. So, if there are stains on the lobster tails, you can be sure that they won’t notice them.  But you will. When doing your shopping at the local marketplace, you should do the same thing. Look for signs or discolorations. If you happen to see black spots or even grayish ones, then you should be worried.

State of the lobster tails

Online marketplaces sell fresh and frozen lobster tails. What is the best option?  Fresh lobster tails need to be consumed immediately.  So, if you’re planning to throw a dinner party at the end of the week, you should better opt for frozen. Frozen tails don’t lose their freshness for a long time.  For more information on lobster tails, including preparation and recipe ideas, you can visit this website.