23 November

What to Look for in a Dishwasher

More than a luxury, the dishwasher has become an indispensable appliance that can help you reduce the amount of time, effort, and water you would use if you would wash your dishes by hands. In order to pick a good model, we suggest reading some reviews first. On www.dishwashercritic.com you can find reviews of all the dishwashers that are worth buying. Nevertheless, when reading reviews, there are some aspects you should take into account and some features you should look for in a dishwasher. The following article will teach you how to buy a good and efficient model.

Pay attention to the size

Most dishwashers are under-the-counter models with a 24-inch width that will match the dimensions of your kitchen furniture. However, if you do not have so much space available, you can consider a 18-inch version, or better yet, a portable model that has finished sides and a butcher-block top for a nice aspect and can be easily hooked up to your faucet. Their main advantage of this model is that it has wheels that make it easy to move and hide in a closet or under the stairs when you are not using it.

Consider the capacity of the dishwasher

Before starting to look for a dishwasher, think about your needs so that you will get the right model. See if you need a small or a large unit, if you plan to use it daily or only on occasion, if you cook for a large family or you want to wash only the plates and not the pots and trays. Figure out what type of dishwasher you need and select from units with loads from 6 to 14 place settings, depending on how many dishes to plan to wash in the dishwasher.

Look for convenience features

Besides the main washing feature that cleans your dishes, the latest versions of dishwashers offer a wide range of convenience features designed to make your household chores easier and more comfortable. From adjustable programs depending on your preferences to folding racks that match your dishware to sanitizing features and safety options, the most efficient models of dishwashers will significantly improve your living.

Don’t forget about the energy efficiency

When it comes to energy saving, you must be very careful when you choose your appliances if you want to maintain your energy costs and make the investment worthwhile. Therefore, look for Energy-Star rated dishwashers have a lower energy consumption than other models and use the latest technologies that help them reduce the energy costs. Also, special features like a rinse-and-hold cycle or half-wash program will help you use less water and energy for a washing cycle.