24 November

What to look for when buying window cleaning equipment


Buying cleaning equipment is not always as easy as one may think, especially if you are planning to buy them for your company. While back at your home you can experiment as much as you want because you only need to buy one product, when you are about to buy 10 products out of each kind and therefore make a large investment, making sure you are getting the right things is very important. To this extent, this is what you should look for when trying to buy window cleaning equipment:


Reliable supplier

You should choose a supplier that inspires you reliability. The last thing you want is to order from someone who does not deliver its products in time or charges you hidden fees. Do your research carefully and choose someone with experience on the market and a large diversity of products. Of course, always ask a cleaning professional regarding the products they would need to clean the windows properly. Are your offices located at a lower floor or is your company’s headquarters in a skyscraper. The answer to each question will direct you towards one supplier or another.


Naturally the price should be something that you base your decision on. Considering that you will probably need to buy a larger amount out of each product, even the smallest discount can make a difference. You should not be in a hurry and place an order only when you find good prices. Every supplier is bound to have a special offer at one point, so all you have to do is have a little patience and wait for it or at least compare a few offers and get the best possible one for your company.


Product quality

While buying cleaning equipment at a low price is important, this should not compromise the quality of the products you are about to choose. Even though you might have to pay a slightly larger price, it will be worth it. Low quality window cleaning equipment will be noticeable from the first day, when your cleaners simply cannot manage to make the windows look spotless. In addition, the equipment that lacks quality will deteriorate much faster and will have to be replaced, so even though it may seem like you saving some money when first buying it, you will actually end up spending a larger amount in the long run.



Delivery can always make a difference. You should make sure your supplier can deliver its products as soon as possible, especially if you are looking to start a long-term collaboration. It is vital to know that you will not run out of cleaning liquid and your supplier will delay your delivery too much. Even though this may not sound like a problem at the beginning, if you usually meet with clients at your company offices, you cannot afford to have dirty windows or they would make the wrong impression. The way an office looks can certainly influence the overall success of a company.