1 February

When to go to an orthotist

Despite orthotics being one of the most important fields in medicine, many people don’t know what exactly this specialty does. Briefly, orthotics deals with the realignment, or straightening of joints and bones, affected by an injury or degenerative condition. Specific to orthotics is the use of special devices, called, orthosis. In some cases, patients know to seek the help of orthotists on their own, but, more often than not, they are referred by their GP. If you or someone you know is in one of the above situations, make sure you inquire on the most professional orthotics Ottawa clinics and seek specialised treatment.

Slip and fall accidents and injuries


Slipping and falling can happen at any age and to people of all health conditions, as can happen accidents leading to limb injuries. In these cases, going to an orthrotist is essential, because they can recommend you a good approach to healing the affected bone structures. Even if the accident that you have been involved in was a minor one, you should still go to a consultation, because some damage may have occurred and you could experience pain if you leave it untreated.


Rehabilitation after fractures


Treatments for fractures do not always end with the removal of the cast. In some situations, the patient might have lost his/her ability to move the limb and needs some extra support. They are used for this purpose in sports, where athletes need to make sure that their recovery is complete after injuries and they can resume their activity.


Degenerative conditions and disabilities


Certain degenerative conditions, such as multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy, lead to irreparable damage to the skeletal system, to the point where the patient cannot move or stand up, becoming disabled. For example, in the case of multiple sclerosis feet may “drop” and cannot sustain the weight of the body. Unfortunately, this type of damaged cannot be fixed, so the only way to improve the patients’ life is to fit an orthosis.


Old age


The human body naturally degrades after a certain age, especially when a healthy lifestyle is not pursued. Using orthosis is very effective and beneficial in elderly patients, helping their limbs stay in an adequate direction and providing support to reduce the risk of injuries. Elderly people should be taken to a reliable orthotists by family members when they notice that their loved one walks very slowly, stumbles easily or cannot walk in a straight direction.