3 May

Why everyone loves planning sailing holidays in Croatia so much?

Croatia’s coastline has become worldly renowned for its astonishing beauty and for the hundreds of stunning islands surrounding the country. The number of tourists is increasing by year, so if you have not been to Croatia until now, this summer is the perfect moment to take your best friends or family and go on a vacation. Know that the most popular activity is to charter a boat and go on a Blue Cave tour from Trogir. Here’s why so many people are in love with planning sailing holidays here.

The amazing weather

Obviously one of the main reasons why choosing Croatia for your sailing holiday is the best option is related to the weather. The Mediterranean climate here, with mild winters and pleasant summers is perfect for vacations throughout the entire year. Know that the best time to go on a sailing vacation in this country is late spring or early summer, because temperatures are neither too high, as they are in August for instance, nor too low. If you charter a canvas boat for instance, May and June are the perfect months to go on sailing, as the winds are great. For motor boats on the other hand, you can also choose July or August, when the conditions are calmer.

The breath-taking landscapes

From North to South, Croatia is truly an amazing country, with landscapes that simply take your breath away. The mountains meeting the sea create the perfect scenery for a romantic evening with your loved one or even for a proposal. Charter a boat and enjoy the surrounding islands and the clear blue waters. Visit some of the most popular caves in the region, such as the Blue Cave. You will want to return to this place as soon as possible.

Prices are not that high

Many people believe that a sailing holiday will cost them a fortune, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you plan this holiday along with a couple of friends of yours and decide to charter a boat, the price for rental services will be split to the entire group. Thus, you will only pay a small part of the cost. What type of food and drinks you bring with you is up to you. Also, if none of you knows how to control a boat, you may have to pay a crew to come with you on the boat during the entire holiday.

Delicious food and tasty wine

Last but not least, Croatia is known for its delicious dishes based on seafood and not only. Your taste buds will definitely enjoy the meals, regardless of the location you stop by to eat. What is more, the wine is also renowned in the region, so make sure you do not forget to taste it.

All things considered, these are the main reasons why more and more people choose to plan their sailing holidays in Croatia. The amazing weather, affordable prices and the landscapes that take your breath away will definitely make you want to come back again sometime.