30 May

Why It Pays to Pursue Professional Alcohol Addiction Treatment


Anyone battling alcohol addiction essentially has two options when it comes to treatment. One of these is to manage the treatment process themselves, the other is to work with the professionals.

Upon seeking alcohol rehab advice in Kent, those concerned will be presented with a wide variety of treatment types and programs, ranging from self-administered home care right through to residential rehab.  But in all instances, those that involve professional support and management of some kind are always the most highly recommended.

While it’s not to say that an at-home detox programme under the control of the individual in question cannot work, there are certain key benefits that accompany professional support.  What’s critical to remember is that it isn’t just the initial detox process that counts, but also the long-term recovery and rehabilitation process that follow.

So what is it about professional alcohol addiction treatment that makes it so beneficial?

Medical Stabilisation

Well, first of all there’s no escaping the fact that withdrawing alcohol will inherently result in any number of withdrawal symptoms. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms will vary significantly, in accordance with the severity of the case itself, the health of the individual in question and various other factors.  Nevertheless, withdrawal symptoms have the potential to be anything from distracting to entirely debilitating.  When watching over your own treatment and recovery process at home, it’s up to you and you alone to manage and cope with the symptoms.  With professional intervention, any necessary medication or treatment can be provided as and when required, in order to make it easier to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.


But it’s not only a case of comfort or coping, either.  When alcohol is suddenly removed from the body, it can trigger the kinds of side-effects that can be extremely harmful to health, or perhaps even deadly.  It is for this reason that professionals never recommend heavy alcohol users or addicts to attempt to go ‘cold turkey’ without expert support and supervision.  Quitting or gradually cutting down under the supervision of professionals is entirely it safer than attempting to go it alone.

Relapse Prevention

One of the biggest benefits of working with the professionals is the way in which doing so can significantly reduce the likelihood of relapse.  During the initial stages of the recovery process in particular, temptation can be borderline overwhelming.  Especially when dealing with the kinds of side effects and symptoms that can be strong enough to make any recovering addict make ill-informed decisions. Along with physical treatment, medication and intervention, the on-going advice and support offered by professionals can be critical, when it comes to relapse prevention.

Peer Support

Another benefit of working with the professionals is the way in which they can put recovering addicts in contact with others that are going through exactly the same circumstances.  This can include anything from online communities to social groups, but in all instances gives the individual in question the opportunity to benefit from the shared-support of a wider community.  Friends and family members may have all the good intentions in the world, but cannot empathise or support to the same extent as those who know exactly what you are going through. Peer support can of course be sought without professional assistance, but it’s always helpful to have the experts point you in the right direction.


Arguably the single most important element in the treatment process is the aftercare provided by those managing the programme. It’s one thing to complete a course of treatment and undergo full detoxification – it’s something else entirely to stay on the chosen path for life.  Those who genuinely believe that temptation will be a thing of the past just as soon as treatment has been completed will always be in for a shock. Returning to the normal world and once again taking complete control of your actions can be incredibly difficult for any former addict. Even if it’s simply to ask a few questions or hear a few supportive words from time to time as needed, professional aftercare really can be worth its weight in gold. By contrast those who choose to go it alone only have themselves to count on, when it comes to the more difficult times they are likely to face going forwards.