19 July

Working in the UK – Things to know


The UK is offering job opportunities for workers across the world. The hospitality industry is a particularly flourishing one, and many dream of moving in the Kingdom because of the benefits many employers and the Government is offering to the employees. For instance, all employees whose mandatory outfit at the job is requiring a uniform can easily claim a tax refund online and have part of their money back. However, besides this little perk, people should know about the climate in the Kingdom before applying for a Visa. Below you will find some of those crucial aspects you should bear in mind.

1. For non-EEA citizens, there are necessary Visas

Visas are those papers that give one the right of entering a country’s territory. They are applied to the citizens of those countries that are not members of partnerships with the destination country. A work permit, on the other hand, will offer the permission to work on the territory of a certain country. For the United Kingdom, if you’re not a citizen of the EEA, then you cannot enter the country without a Visa. And if you want to get a Visa, you must apply for one at the English Embassy in your country or the British Overseas Mission in your country.   

2. Work permits – who needs them?

Once again, if you are a citizen of one of the countries in the EEA, or Switzerland, you don’t need a work permit to work on UK territory. However, citizens from other countries do need one. However, if you want to get a work permit, you must submit your application in a migration-management system. However, you need to have a job offer and a sponsorship certificate from a certificated sponsor.  In some cases, it might be difficult to receive a work permit if you don’t have special skills or qualifications. To receive a work permit, you must present the following documents: a passport emitted in the home country, a birth certificate, copies of any previous work permits, a certificate to prove your skills and qualifications as well as some references and your Visa entry.

3. Do English employees have some advantages?

Truth be told, the English employee has plenty of advantages, many consisting of the opportunity of claiming plenty of taxes back. For instance, as an English employee you can claim a non-resident tax refund, a mileage tax rebate, and maybe most importantly, a uniform tax rebate. What does that mean? That some of the money the employee is spending for cleaning and maintaining their work uniforms, will be reimbursed by the Government. Only make sure to collaborate with a specialised company. Otherwise, the process might be tricky, the documents too complicated and the entire process, fruitless. Generally a uniform tax rebate can reach approximately 250 pounds, which is quite of a generous amount. Only make sure to work with experienced companies as this is one of the main demands for a great result.  

These are some things one should know about working in the Kingdom, before applying for a visa or work permit.