7 April

Your guide to various types of saddlepads for horses

When it comes to saddlepads for horses, the truth is there is a wide range of products available on the market nowadays, which makes it quite difficult for riders to decide upon the specific one that would best fit their needs. The first thing you have to do if you want to purchase your first jump saddlepads for horses is to look for the best online provider. Here is a small guide to help you make a clearer idea on the different types of saddlepads available on the market.

They differ in terms of shape

When it comes to shape, you can find a wide range of saddlepads on the market, from straight, to contour, round, sway-back, wither relief, cutout and numnah. The straight saddlepad is the most popular choice and it comes with no extra padding or contouring. These ones are recommended for horses with straight and normal backs.

They differ in terms of material

Another criterion you can categorize saddlepads for horses is related to the material out of which they are made. Thus, you can find saddlepads for horses made out of fleece, which is also the most common material on the market, wool, neoprene, which is known for being highly durable and has waterproof features, foam and cotton. When you make your choice, ensure the saddlepad you opt for suits not only your needs, but also the ones of your horse.

They differ in terms of size

Another aspect you have to pay attention to when selecting a saddlepad is its size. Although this is mostly an aesthetic decision, it is still worth considering, especially if you want to make a good impression. Depending on the type of horse you have, you can choose between different saddlepad sizes. For short-backed horses the best dimension is around 30 inches, whereas for medium-length back the size should not exceed 36 inches. If your horse is long-backed, consider a 38 inch saddlepad.

The differ in terms of purpose of use

Depending on the way you ride your horse, whether it is for jumping, dressage or any other activity, know that there are saddlepads designed for each and every activity. Do your research well and select the best saddlepad to match your needs and budget. Opt for an online provider, as this is a lot more convenient, time-saving and cost-effective method, but be aware of the fact that you have to select a reliable and trust-worthy provider that sells top quality products.